Stefan Gisselbaek

Bachelor of Law, University of Geneva

Master of Law, University of Geneva

Certificate of advanced studies in legal professions, University of Geneva

French - German


Stefan Gisselbaek obtained a Bachelor of Law from the University of Geneva in 2015. In this context, he completed a one-year exchange at the University of Zurich.

He pursued his education with a Master's degree in law at the University of Geneva. Passionate about history, he wrote a thesis on the various draft Constitutions and the Constitutions in force during the turbulent period of the Swiss Republic.

After obtaining the Certificate of advanced studies in legal professions in June 2017, Stefan Gisselbaek worked for several months as a trainee lawyer at PONCET TURRETTINI.

He then joined MING HALPÉRIN BURGER & INAUDI in September 2018 under the supervision of Me Lionel Halpérin and Me Anouchka Halpérin

Professional affiliations

Stefan Gisselbaek is a member of the Geneva Bar Association.

Political Activities

Stefan Gisselbaek is a Municipal Counselor of the City of Geneva. He is a member of the Committee of territory planning and environment, the Comittee on petitions, and the Committee on rules of procedure. He is also a member of the committee of the City of Geneva section of his party, as secretary.

Military career

Lieutenant from June 2012, Stefan Gisselbaek was promoted to the rank of First lieutenant of the Swiss Army in July 2016.

In April 2019, he joined the Military Justice on to become one of its investigating judges.